Hot Sauce in soup: the perfect Winter warmer!

22-03-2021 Habanero Hot Sauce

  With the cooler weather upon us (and it’s only going to get colder), the slow cooker is out, and soups and stews find their way back onto the family mid-week menu.…

Signature Blend Seafood Sauce

25-02-2021 The Chilli Project Signature Blend Seafood Sauce

This is one of our favourite ways to enjoy our Signature Blend Hot Sauce. With a tomato and capsicum flavour, this sauce makes an utterly delicious addition to mayonnaise and pairs perfectly…

6 Ways With Signature Blend Hot Sauce

14-02-2021 Signature Blend Recipe Ideas

Our Signature Blend Hot Sauce is the original sauce in our collection, and is great to keep on hand in the fridge. It has a delicious flavour profile from the tomato and…

Recipe: Signature Blend Cocktail

14-12-2020 The Chilli Project Cocktail

Essentially, this is our take on a Bloody Mary - a vodka and tomato juice cocktail that has been around since the 1920's, only it's simpler and spicier! We prefer using The…


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