Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sauce 1L – Bulk Buy

Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sauce 1L – Bulk Buy


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Can’t get enough of our Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sauce? Well here’s your chance to buy in bulk and SAVE!  Our 1 litre bottles are equivalent to 6.66 bottles of sauce! At this price you save over 20% by buying in bulk!

With more than 35g of hot and super-hot chillies per bottle, our Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sauce is the 2nd hottest sauce in our range and makes a great addition to any chilli fanatic’s collection!

It has all the flavours of a traditional barbecue sauce – tomato, paprika, mustard, smoke and a wonderful sweetness that would pair well with meat, seafood and hearty root vegetables.

Try our Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sauce in your rib marinade, or as an accompaniment to fried chicken wings. Spice up your fried tofu or boiled potatoes with only a few drops! This sauce has a huge punch of sweet and smokey flavour to match the heat, so will be a delicious addition to your super hot sauce collection!

For those who might find the heat a bit too extreme, this sauce makes a delicious smoky & spicy mayonnaise with the addition of only a couple of drops to a spoonful of your regular mayonnaise

The blend of chillies in this sauce include these infamous super-hots: Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions, Ghost Chillies and Habaneros. It is an extremely hot chilli sauce and best for seasoned chilli consumers.

Heat rating: Extremely Hot

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