Chilli Eating Competition at Northies

20-08-2018 The Chilli Project at Northies

  The Chilli Project was thrilled to be a part of Northies Cronulla Hotel Chilli Festival on 19th August. There was a great atmosphere, and we were able to witness a mammoth…

What’s in your hot sauce?

26-06-2018 The Chilli Project Fresh Ingredients

  A recent trip to the supermarket had me questioning the labelling and ingredients in many of your regular household pantry staples.   For example, I was extremely surprised to find that…

Recipe: Rainbow Salad with Jalapeño Dressing

20-06-2018 The Chilli Project Jalapeno Dressing

  This is a simple idea to incorporate the delicious, fresh flavour of The Chilli Project Jalapeño Hot Sauce into your dinners by using it as part of a salad dressing! This…

Chilli Fun Facts

05-06-2018 The Chilli Project chilli varieties

  It's no secret that we love chillies here at The Chilli Project. It's very interesting however, just how many different applications chillies have across the globe!  Here are a few of…


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