6 Ways With Signature Blend Hot Sauce

Award-winning Signature Blend Hot Sauce

Our Signature Blend Hot Sauce is the original sauce in our collection, and is great to keep on hand in the fridge. It has a delicious flavour profile from the tomato and capsicum base, so it really is a vibrant addition to many of the dishes you make on a regular basis!

Of course, it’s still fantastic as a condiment and a great addition (or replacement for) your regular tomato sauce on top of grilled meats, eggs, roasted vegetables and in a toasted sandwich, but here are some other ways to incorporate our Signature Blend Hot Sauce into your weekly meal planning.

(And for the chilli heads, our Signature Blend Hot Sauce is also available in a very-hot  and extreme heat ratings , and all ideas below are suitable for either sauce.)

1. Pizza sauce

Run out of pizza sauce or passata for your homemade pizza creations? Or are you looking for something to make your pizza extra special? Simply spread our Signature Blend Hot Sauce across your pizza base and add your favourite toppings. We also love adding extra sauce on top of the pizza when it’s out of the oven for a greater chilli boost!

2. Pasta stir-through sauce

For a quick and easy dinner, simply boil up your favourite pasta, stir through some Signature Blend Hot Sauce and top with lots of parmesan cheese. If your feeling fancy, toss in a tin of tuna or crabmeat, a handful of olives and some finely chopped basil or parsley as well!

3. Parmigiana sauce

Looking for a spicy alternative for chicken, veal or eggplant parmigiana? Simply replace your regular passata with Signature Blend Hot Sauce before adding the cheese!

4. Seafood sauce

Mix equal parts Signature Blend Hot Sauce with whole egg mayonnaise to create a wonderful dipping sauce for prawns or any other seafood!

5. As a dip topping

This is a great option for both hommus and cream cheese, although hommus is our favourite option (served with corn chips). It’s a real crowd pleaser at any social gathering!

6. As a meal-saving flavour booster

For those nights where you taste your dinner and think it’s bland or there’s something missing, simply add a bit of Signature Blend Hot Sauce to boost the deliciousness of your meals. This sauce has saved many a Bolognese, taco/burrito filling, casserole and even minestrone soup!

Got any other suggestions? We’d love to hear them! Let us know your favourite way to use our Signature Blend Hot Sauce!

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