2018 Australian Hot Sauce Survey Results

Here at The Chilli Project we love hot sauce (obviously), and if you’re reading this post then chances are you probably love hot sauce too. But what about the rest of Australia?

​Hot sauce expert and enthusiastic data analyst Rodney Sammut from the wonderful hot sauce shop ChilliBOM set out to find out all about Australian hot sauce fanatics in 2018 and the results are now available.

So, who are Australia’s regular hot sauce consumers?


The data here suggests that there are 550,000 adults in Australia are eating hot sauce every day!! Wow! I admit, it’s probably something we indulge in around 5 days per week, but I salute those dedicated hot sauce junkies who can’t go a day without it!

Where do the Aussie Hot Sauce Fanatics live and how old are they?

The Chilli Project
Age and location of hot sauce consumers

The geographical data is fairly consistent with our own stats here at The Chilli Project and my guess is largely influenced by population across the different states, but the more interesting thing here is that people of all ages love their hot sauce! There’s not a great deal of differences in percentages across the age brackets and my guess is once you’re hooked, you’re hooked for life!

How hot do you like it?

The Chilli Project
Desired heat levels of the Aussie Hot Sauce Fanatic

Heat ratings are very subjective, and everyone’s tolerance is different, but it’s interesting to note that the majority of Aussie hot sauce fanatics report that they like it hot in the 6-7 heat rating and only 15% reporting the need for the super hot stuff! Most of our sauces fit within this heat range, so we’re very happy about that!

How do Aussies react when eating the hot stuff?

The Chilli Project
Reported physical reactions after eating hot sauce

I only see one thing when I look at this graph – 3% of people report NO physical reactions! Who are you? Where are you? And how is it possible? Here at The Chilli Project HQ there are a range of reactions. Red face, runny nose, sweating and hiccups are the signs of a good hot sauce. We won’t talk about the 8 hour delayed stomach cramps and Ring of Fire… but we’ve all been there!

Our favourite result by far…

Brand recognition results
Brand recognition results… The Chilli Project is in the top 5!

We’re very excited about this one as we rank pretty highly on the brand recognition (top 5 spot!) & we’re surrounded by some huge names and fantastic brands. The hot sauce industry is huge worldwide, and we are so excited to be a part of a group of Australian producers who are passionate about what we do. Have a look through this list and we urge you to support all the Aussie hot sauce makers before the International ones. I guarantee that the Australian sauces are some of the absolute best in the world!

A huge thank you to Rodney at ChilliBOM for compiling all this data and supporting the Australian Hot Sauce industry. Head over to his website and have a look at what he has on offer (quality sauces, hampers, gift packs and subscription boxes)!

Click here for full survey results.

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